US Bank Photo Shoot

Since 2001, SkyCab Balloon Promotions and US Bank have teamed up to operate 5 balloons at civic celebrations, balloon festivals, promotional outings and branch locations across the country. A few weeks ago, the SkyCab team celebrated the legacy of the program by flying all five US Bank balloons together for the first time. The original US Bank balloon was manufactured in 2001 by Lindstrand Balloons USA. Since then, Lindstrand has produced four more beautiful US Bank balloons. Last year, US Bank unveiled two balloons showcasing a new look and branding. These five balloons have participated in hundreds of events across the United States and we are looking forward a busy 2017 season!

Please enjoy some of our favorite pictures and a video from the flight!

IMG_0099-minOPT IMG_0152-minOPT IMG_0161-minOPT IMG0189min_Optimized

Thank you to our pilots, crew,  and photographers Jackie Miller & Michael Montgomery as well as our drone operator and video editor Donnie for making this possible!



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