Tethered Balloon Rides

Fiesta_Evansville SkyCab Balloon Promotions uses an engineered rope harness system that enables us to fly the hot air balloon in a controlled and restrained setting. This system allows for short rides that take passengers between 50 to 100 feet (depending upon the weather conditions), with each ride lasting about five minutes.

Hosting tethered hot air balloon rides is a great way for an event to share the hot air balloon experience with a large number of people. It is a perfect medium for crowds of all ages to interact with balloons without having to pay the cost of a full balloon ride ($200+ per person). Hot air balloons are extremely diverse and can create value in a variety of ways. For instance, a festival can use the balloon as a revenue generating ride, a way to sell sponsorships, a charitable fundraiser or all three at the same time.

Why SkyCab?

SkyCab Balloon Promotions has safely conducted countless tether ride operations across the country throughout the last fifteen years. Fortune 500 companies such as US Bank, AT&T Wireless, and State Farm Insurance rely on SkyCab to operate nation wide balloon advertising programs. SkyCab approaches every balloon operation with the same professionalism and eye towards safety; whether it is a high profile event for one of our corporate clients, a county fair, or simple backyard wedding.

This year, our company added a specialized door basket for to expand our tether ride operation and improve efficiency. This basket will allow us to limit the amount of time it takes to load and unload passengers, as well as make tether rides available to people with limited physical mobility. Each tether passenger will receive a short briefing and is required to sign a standard liability waiver which covers SkyCab Balloon Promotions, the hosting property owner, and the festival organizers
Tether_SponsorHot Air Balloon Tether Packages

Standard — % of Earnings. For this package, the tether rides are sold to attendees at the event. In the Midwest, the average price of a tether ride is $15 for adults and $10 for children. All proceeds from the sale of tether rides will be allocated between SkyCab Balloon Promotions and the festival based on a pre-negotiated split. This allows festival organizers to offset some of the cost of the balloon, without having to pay the full price of the balloon. This option is recommended for larger festivals such as county fairs, airshows, and other similar civic events.

Standard — Flat Rate. Under this fee structure, event organizers will pay SkyCab a flat fee to provide tether rides for a specified amount of time. This fee structure is perfect for a corporate event, where organizers do not want to charge event attendees. The standard flat rate model is also well suited for charity events, as SkyCab’s fee can be paid by a donor with all of the proceeds raised from the sale of tether rides going towards the selected charity.

In addition to tether rides, hot air balloons can also be used as a versatile advertising tool. Hot air balloon sponsorships are a great way for local companies and organizations to support the festival in a very public way. In addition to great exposure, the sponsors also receive the added benefit of raising good will within the community. SkyCab specializes in corporate hot air balloon marketing and we can provide several easy tips on how to market sponsorships for a tether ride balloon.

Sponsorship Level 1. Rather than buying an advertisement in the back of a program, a sponsor can put their name on the side of a seventy five foot tall hot air balloon. Banners can be digitally printed or hand painted depending on the complexity of the design and SkyCab can provide a quote if requested. Prices usually range between $500—$1,500 per banner.

Sponsorship Level 2. If a large banner on the side of the balloon is out of your price range, SkyCab can arrange to have a vinyl banner placed on the basket with a sponsors logo. These basket banners are incredibly effective as many tether ride passengers have their picture taken while in the basket. These pictures are commonly posted & shared on social media outlets, reinforcing brand messaging. In addition to basket banners, yard signs with the sponsors name can be strategically placed within the confines of the tether area.

Safety Limitations
  • 200 ft. x 200 ft. grass area (concrete or dirt = extra charge) free of trees, power lines, etc.
  • Wind must be less than 8 mph
  • No thunderstorms or convective activity within 30 mile radius of event site
Who can ride?

Our Easy Access Door Basket allows almost everyone the opportunity to enjoy a tethered balloon ride. However, the sides of the basket are approximately 45 inches tall so young kids may not be able to see without the help of a parent/guardian. We do limit tether rides for those in wheel chairs and walkers to when the wind speeds are lower.
Each participant (or parent/guardian for those under 18 years of age) must sign an Agreement to Participate / Waiver of Responsibility for tethered ride passengers provided by SkyCab Balloon Promotions before being allowed to take a ride. The pilot and crew always reserves the right to limit who or how many can get into the balloon basket.

How many people can ride in the balloon?

Our larger balloon with the Easy Access Door can accommodate up to 5-6 people at a time and our other balloons can accommodate up to 2-4 people at a time depending on their combined weight. We are limited to two standing people when a wheelchair goes up for a ride. During a normal tethered balloon event our balloon with the Easy Access Door can take up approximately 65 guests per hour while our other balloons can accommodate approximately 50 people per hour.

How high will the riders go?

Tethered flights usually rise between 50 feet and 80 feet above the ground. The exact height is determined by a number of factors including wind, terrain, location, anchor points, number of passengers, etc. The pilot will determine the exact height according to conditions at the time of the event.

Where can we tether?

A hot air balloon tether requires a minimum area of at least a 200’ x 200’ space that is clear of debris, trees, light poles, bushes, and power lines. More space is better, a baseball diamond size area is ideal. We will need four points to tie the balloon to the ground. These points can be large trees, certain light pole bases and vehicles. We always bring one large vehicle with us.