Balloon Sales

Lindstrad Hot Air Balloons

SkyCab Balloon Promotions is proud to represent Lindstrand Balloons US, the premier hot
air balloon manufacturer in the United States. Located in Galena, Illinois, Lindstrand Balloons manufacturers a full line of sport, commercial, and special shape balloons to meet any budget.

We are able to sit down and talk with you and establish your wants, wishes, and goals if you think you would like to fly hot air balloons. Whether you are a seasoned pilot looking for a new balloon, or someone interested in learning more about flying, we can find the right balloon for you. Over the past 18 years SkyCab Balloons has owned and operated 17 sport, commercial, and special shape balloons manufactured by five different companies, and we have found no other balloon comparable in price or quality to Lindstrand Balloons. To learn more about Lindstrand Balloons please click on the Lindstrand logo above.


New Hot Air Balloons

Once you have decided to purchase a balloon, the next step is to determine the right aircraft for you.
We start with your needs and goals, your support network, and your budget. From there we can help you choose the proper balloon system. New balloons begin at approximately $15,000, and move upward depending upon the options and artwork. Your most vivid design and theme can be placed on a balloon if you desire.


Dog-shaped Hot Air Balloon

Special Shaped Balloons

“I want my balloon to look like my dog!” Not a problem with Lindstrand Balloons. With the assistance of Lindstrand Balloons Ltd. Located in Oswestry, England, almost any shape and design can become a reality. From soft drink cans, to animals, to space ships, your dreams can become a reality with Lindstrand balloons.


Used Hot Air Balloons

While SkyCab Balloons rarely has used hot air balloons for sale, we have the ability to assist you in locating suitable used balloons and guide you in evaluating their viability. Similar to purchasing a used car, the used hot air balloon market can be a difficult route to travel without assistance and guidance, and we can help.Please contact us for assistance in looking for your used balloon. There are many websites from which there are many used balloons to choose from, and we would be more than happy to assist you in evaluating your balloon choice.


tempest_logoBalloon Equipment

While the balloon system is obviously the most important piece of equipment, the inflator is arguably the second most important investment. Whether you are a ride operator or a weekend warrior you need an inflator you can count on, one that will always start and will outlast your balloon system. After using several different types of inflators SkyCab has come to rely on Tempest inflators. Tempest Technology has developed a line of inflators, or blowers, that are rugged and easy to maintain. SkyCab Balloon Promotions is an official Tempest Dealer and can help you with the purchase and maintenance of your Tempest Inflator.